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My name is SAMEERA SHAHID MIR , an experienced and professional freelanced Mehndi artist who has always had a passion and a flair for the art of Mehndi Artist

I nominated for the awards for every year in British Asian Wedding Awards 

I provide the best quality service to all my clients  and my work is immensely admired by clients

As a henna artist, my ability to empower people through its trade and craft is admirable to say the least and i aspire to cultivate a brand which magnifies this notion of community and togetherness through artistic expression. Heena used to celebrate love, beauty and grace through special occasions, personal and cultural milestones, or to simply relish its artistic elegance.


our Services

It is your special day! The Henna House takes prides in creating original designs that are tailored to you and your interests. Angela travels to your location within the Edmonton area.  Angela currently does not travel outside Edmonton city limits. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.  

  • Bridal packages starts from £100 depending on size, complexity, and detail. Please send your inquiry to Angela including your date and location. You will receive a bridal pricing guide to assist in choosing the right amount of henna for you.

  • Henna must be applied 2-3 days prior to your main wedding event.

  • A non-refundable £50 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm and hold your date for bridal henna.

  • Trials: The Henna House offers a simple design front and back of one hand for £20 in henna

Looking to have SAMEERA do henna for your guests at your mehndi party? She provides a flat party rate! Additional time may be added depending on the number of guests you have and how much henna you are wanting each guest to have.

  • 2 hour mehndi party for guests is £190 Each additional hour is £98

  • A non-refundable £50 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm and hold your date for your mehndi party.

Having a celebration? Hire SAMEERA and have a blast with 2 hours of non-stop henna! A henna party is a perfect idea for anyone wanting to enjoy something different, fun, and long-lasting! Gather up your girlfriends, turn on the music and SAMEERA creates unique designs for everyone. SAMEERA travels to your location, but charges apply depandingon your postcode Typically, 8-10 guests is a perfect number for 2 hours of henna. This allows each guest to enjoy one full hand design. You are welcome to have as many guests as you prefer. If you have less guests, the designs become larger, and vice versa. You are welcome to add additional time if needed for a larger group. Please note the color seen in these photos is loose glitter applied on top of the wet henna paste, and is not "colored" henna.

  • 2 hours of party henna is £197. Each additional hour is £98.

  • A non-refundable £50 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm and hold your date.

Are you an expecting mother? Prenatal hennas are a perfect way to adorn your baby bump during your third trimester! Henna is safe to use on pregnant women with the use of lavender oil (all of our henna cones are made with lavender oil). Decorate your belly prior to a baby bump photoshoot, or just because it makes you feel beautiful! Traditionally, henna was applied to pregnant mothers to help ease the birth of the child and to bring good luck and good health to the baby. The tradition still appears to live on today! Prenatal hennas can be done at SAMERAs location or in the privacy of your own home .Are you looking to have henna at your baby shower as well? Have the ladies over to enjoy a relaxing experience of getting pampered with henna. Have as many guests as you like! We tailor the size of the design to the amount of guests you have.

  • Prenatal hennas vary between £50-£190.

  • 2 hours of baby shower henna is £198. Each additional hour is £98.

  • A non-refundable £50 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm and hold your date.

If you are interested in having SAMEERA provide henna at your next charity event, gala, market, festival or staff party, please send us a message! Cost will vary depending on the type of event.


our Testimonials

Loved it! made my special day more special.


Hi Zoya here ! I wanted to say a big Thankyou  for doing my mehndi so perfectly. It was amazing, exactly how I wanted it and the colour was perfect. I got so many compliments and its all down to you. Thank you for your patience to with me. I will send you pictures when back my honeymoon. Thanks again !!


This is not the first time I am using her service. she has been serving us for the last 10 years love her speed and creativity.


Training Courses

SAMEERA brings you a beginner’s / advanced course in the art of Henna. The Foundation Course provides an Introduction for those new to henna and teaches an extensive amount of knowledge for a beginner level. The Advanced course is for those who have already done the Foundation Course and who wish to improve their skills to achieve professional results. Both courses consist of discussion, theory, demonstration and individual guidance.

About the training

Heavenly Henna courses are run on a One-to-One or small groups up to 3 persons. The aim is to ensure the student gains the most from the course. The students will:

  • Gain maximum progress during a short period of time

  • Improve level significantly

  • Have targeted learning in areas of weakness or areas where you are lacking confidence

  • You want to build a one to one relationship with an experienced artist